This past week in Nashville we weathered a storm that didn’t happen – PRAISE THE LORD! I’d rather have a predicted storm that DIDN’T happen than an unpredicted Storm that did. This past week my husband and I have added a worship song to our beginning devotional time that includes

  • Thanksgiving
  • Praise, and
  • Worship

A couple days ago we sang to “Victor’s Crown” playing full blast from our SONOs speaker with our granddaughter Emma who is now a toddler. We saw Psalm 8:2 in action as Emma raised her hands and shouted “Hallelujah” (She’s 2 1/2 years old).

Psalm 8:2 The Message (MSG)

Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you;
    toddlers shout the songs
That drown out enemy talk,
    and silence atheist babble.


This morning our encouraging song was:–

Boundless by Kerrie Roberts

(press on Words above to hear the song on YouTube)
Artist, is Kerrie Roberts, my daughter-in-love. The album was released over a year ago, but the impact of the words just hit me today. I had “heard” the song, but “seeing” the Words brought a different impact to my heart. Contemplate today that we serve a God Who is boundless and limitless. When we go past “hearing” Who God is and begin to really “see” Him for Who He is.

Digging Deeper

Take a minute to read 2 Kings 6:5-17. Elisha’s servant woke up and probably “heard” the sound of the armies that surrounded them. He ran to Elisha to report their devastating, overwhelming circumstances. Elisha did not miss a beat, he immediately asked God, “Open his eyes that he may see.” God answered that prayer. The servants eyes were indeed opened. Verse 17b says, “…Then the Lord opened the servant’s eyes, and he looked and saw the hills full of horses and chariots of fire all around Elisha.”
  • Eyes opened
  • Looked and then
  • SAW

The servant tapped into the boundless nature of the God they served that had no ceiling or floor.

Whatever you are facing today, I pray that you will go beyond just “hearing” the Word and allow God to open your eyes TODAY so you can LOOK and SEE beyond your limitations.
If you liked Boundless, I recommend you purchase the full album at this link. It’s actually on sale right now! Tell me you don’t love a sale.

Get Kerrie’s Music here!

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