Did you know that March 4th is the only day of the year that is a command? March Forth! (4th)

Recently our women’s group had a meeting entitled, “Use What You Have.” At the end of the evening I looked back and reflected at why the evening succeeded. It was because it was a series of activities where several people “used what they had”. Together relationships were deepened. Collectively everyone made a difference.

  • Decorations – several stepped forth to use their talents for table decorations. Decor went to a new level.
  • Ladies with heart to build relationships, created table talk questions to facilitate deeper friendships.
  • Table captains kept the table conversations going and facilitated meaningful sharing.
  • Emcee for the evening used their abilities to keep the evening moving so ultimately whole agenda was accomplished and we ended on time.
  • Regular greeters were unable to attend, someone stepped up and filled that role helping women feel welcomed when they came through the door.
  • Sound team was exceptional–set up, running sound, running media.
  • Couple women used their talent to organize the food table to keep it functional.
  • Someone brought ice tea which added greatly to the choice of water or coffee to drink.
  • Babysitters cared for children so mom’s could come and enjoy the evening.
  • Sibling Worship leaders used their gifts to lead us into group worship.
  • Sincere prayer felt like sitting at the window observing an intimate conversation with God.
  • Without being assigned to cleanup, several used their gifts of service to clean up at the end of the event.
  • Topic, “Use what you have, the time is NOW.”

Now is the time to March forth with those things God has put in your heart. Time to quit negotiating, hesitating, procrastinating and making excuses of why you can’t take your next right step forward. Remember what Jehoshaphat said in 2 Chronicles 20:28?

“I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you.”

Jehoshaphat did what He knew to do and trusted God from there. He “marched forth” in what He knew and God showed up. Maybe you have been waiting on God when in reality He is waiting on you to do what He has already told you. Why should He give you another step if you haven’t already done what He has asked you to do? Having trouble taking that step? Are you waiting to resolve all the questions you have? May I remind you of Proverbs 3:5-6?

Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, lean not on your understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.

Recently my husband shared Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule. The 5 Second Rule is simple. If you have an instinct to act on a goal, you must physically move within 5 seconds or your brain will kill it. Use what you have, the time is NOW.

Today is a great day to take your next right step forward. Start now to march forth (4th) into the future God has laid out for you.


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