A little about me…

I am a wife, mother, M-I-L (Mother-in-Love), #7 of
eight children in the Moeckl family and a GP (Grandma Peggy). Someone who whole heartedly believes that God’s Word is true and reveals how we can have a personal relationship with our Creator. Our obstacles can be the seed of our greatest opportunities.

The handsome man by my side is my husband of almost 38 years, Randy. It is such a privilege to walk side-by-side with him as he loves, leads, protects and provides. I am a blessed woman indeed! When you meet him in person he is likely to refer to himself as my irritation. I like to call him an irritation that has become my greatest priceless treasure.

How are pearls made? Turning irritations into priceless treasures.

The Moeckl family story began on December 26, 1945 when my dad, Harold A. “Pat” Moeckl, and mom ,Wilma Jean Wenig Moeckl, tied the knot at an Assembly of God country church in Gray, Iowa. Do you know where Gray is? Half way between black and white..

I am the 4th of five sister “P’s” (Patti, Pauline, Pam, Peggy, Penny) — with three brothers (Harold, Dan and Ken) between the first two P’s. That makes me #7 of eight. God’s perfect number (and humble too-lol)! You don’t have to be around me long to know I love the #7, love my family and love to laugh.

Growing up Daddy always told me, “Peggy, be yourself!” I usually responded, “I have so much trouble just being me I don’t have time to be someone else.”   But in reality it has taken a long time to figure out who “me” really is. I spent a lot of my life being a chameleon–whoever I thought I was with wanted me to be. (Note to self – I was usually wrong). Discovering the meaning of my God-given name, Peggy was a defining moment.

Why pearls? 

My name is Peggy. Peggy is a nickname for Margaret but I am not a Margaret . How could I be? Margaret doesn’t start with “P”! I’m 4th of the girls so there was no breaking the pattern then. Peggy means Pearl and pearls are created from an oyster’s irritations. The oyster covers their irritation with layers of nacre to create the pearl, a priceless treasure. So ,PeggyPearls is about my pearls, created from my irritations (difficulties and adversities) and the journey of turning them into treasures. As you read about my pearls, I pray you will be encouraged to discover how to turn your own irritations into priceless treasures. Can’t wait to share the adventure with you.

Who am I?  

“I am the woman that God is with,” not because I said so but because God does. I am someone who wants to encourage you to

  • find your God-given abilities and enjoy being the you God created you to be so you can find and tell “your” story.
  • Stir up hope that God truly does have a purpose and plan tailor made for you. (See Philippians 2:13)
  • enjoy living and telling your story. Everybody has is a story and nobody can tell their story like they can.

Want to Connect?

I’m available to serve or speak at Women’s Groups, Bible Studies, Ladies breakfasts and conferences. I’d love to share at your church service or conference. Let’s connect! Call me at 772.559.3640 or email peggy@peggypearls.com. Check out my 21-day online devotional called “Formula for Christ Confidence.”

One thought on “About

  1. You are such an inspiration!! Congratulations on your wonderful Website and BLOG. I will definitely be following it, AND I will be praying for your precious little Grand baby.
    Love YOU!


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