A picture is worth a thousand words. My chosen granddaughter’s golden birthday is today. Her mom was celebrating last night. I wanted to make a this “dough” pizza for her gift. No problem, all I needed was a pizza box and some cash. Oh, and some time.

They were celebrating her birthday yesterday so yesterday was the day to get it made. I had a light day, no problem, so I thought. Ever have one of those days that your little to do suddenly explodes into things that have to be done today. That was my Friday. Manageable to all of a sudden, no room for delays day. I shared with my husband my idea and my schedule. He knew I needed to streamline to meet my deadlines. He suggested our daughter may have an empty pizza box. She did! Since she only lives two miles away, easy first step. Great, I thought, I will pick up the pizza box, stop by the credit union for the “dough” and be home in time for my noon appointment at the house.

I grabbed my keys and my phone, jumped in the car and headed to my daughter’s to pick up the pizza box. Everything was perfect. Since they had just had pizza the night before it even smelled like pizza. Just a quick stop at the credit union to get the “dough” and I would have time to spare.

I parked the car and reached over for my purse. Uh oh, where is my purse? Remember, I grabbed my phone and my keys–that’s right I had not grabbed my purse. The only ID I had in the car was a checkbook that had an address we haven’t lived at for over three years. Maybe, just maybe I could still get the cash (dough) — what did I have to lose? TIME.

Life’s an adventure. I had to at least ask. I walked in and asked, “I have an account here, I forgot my ID and I need some cash. Just asking to see if I can avoid having to run home for my purse”. I was invited to the back office and asked what how much dough I needed. I then heard these glorious words, “I think we can do that.” Wow, I couldn’t even have imagined it would be possible. Why would they give me the cash, I mean “dough”? My customer service angel said, “I recognized you.”

It would have never have happened if she hadn’t known me. I’ve been in there before and we have a relationship developing. I LOVE my credit union. I’m pretty sure that would never have happened at my bank.

What’s the point? Glad you asked. This was a fun thing, I got the “dough” I needed so I could be on time for my next appointment because I was recognized. I could complete the gift and have it ready in a timely manner, not frantic at the last minute. (not that I have ever done that) The reason I got the “dough” was because I had built a relationship.

There is another time coming when I want to be recognized. When I stand before God on that final judgment day. John 1:12 assures me that I will be recognized on that day. How about you? Will you be recognized?

Regardless of where you are in your walk with God, I would love to invite you to share 21-Days of emails called “Formula For Christ Confidence.” Each email will take 15 to 30 minutes. Join almost 100 others who have already completed the adventure. Several have repeated it two to 3 times. Discover and grow in confidence that you are the person that God is with.

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